MonicaFaye Hall was born and raised in Virginia. She graduated from Averett University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration. MonicaFaye always had a head for numbers and business. Whether it was starting small endeavors in her youth or becoming an E-commerce manager, MonicaFaye continually developed her skillset to ensure she was not only highly marketable, but an asset to any company she works for.

Diligence and hard work paid off for MonicaFaye when she began working for a Global Fortune 500 healthcare company. She is the consummate professional with nearly two decades of business experience. Never one to stop learning, MonicaFaye holds certifications in a variety of subjects and operating systems: advanced google analytics, content marketing, Microsoft Advertising, and more.

Her efforts have led her to work on high profile applications like Magento, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Power Apps, and Adobe Creative Cloud.  MonicaFaye is a quality asset capable of transforming mediocre companies into successful powerhouses. She has extensive training with email marketing, Google Analytics/Ads and customer management systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot, and Salesforce while also being certified with social media and campaign management. MonicaFaye is the epitome of a business professional, but there is a another side she longs to explore.

Being naturally creative, MonicaFaye loves seeing her visions come to life. She loves to knit, can fill any kitchen with delicious aromas, and has been known to sing in her spare time. Married for more than a quarter of a century, MonicaFaye considers her two adult sons her greatest accomplishments.



MonicaFaye’s goal is to provide entrepreneurs and e-commerce professionals with resources and best practices to take their business to the next level. She has compiled her wealth of knowledge and made it accessible for the world with her writing.

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